EXPIRED: 02/19/10 – Daddy, 16, was one of Cesar Millan’s many dogs — a pit bull terrier who ultimately became integral to his work and his television series, Dog Whisperer.

Millan used Daddy’s to rehabilitate other dogs, train dog owners and serve as a role model for a breed  – pit bulls – often associated with aggressiveness. Daddy appeared frequently in episodes of the Dog Whisperer, with Millan referring to him as his right-hand man.

According to Millan, Daddy “never made a mistake — never, never. He’s never displayed aggression or any other negative behavior. He’s just always helped me.”

Daddy had been with Millan since he was 4 months old, when his previous owner, the rapper Redman, asked Millan to care for him. By the time Daddy was ten years old he had gone through cancer and chemotherapy, but he always remained calm with a strong tolerance for smaller dogs and a sharp observer of people’s of emotion.

He was a smart dog.

At the inauguration of his magazine Cesar’s Way in 2009, Millan added “I have never had a dog like Daddy. I’ve been astounded by his intuition, consoled by his affection, and awed by his silent empathy.

Before Daddy died, Millan got another pit bull puppy, Junior, to be Daddy’s apprentice, learn his temperament and prepare to assume Daddy’s role upon his passing.

My heart always goes out to dog’s the most.

RIP, Daddy! Long Live Junior!



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