EXPIRED: 02/19/10 – Jamie Gillis, 66, was a porn star who appeared in more than 470 movies as an actor and when he got too old, directed a few. He also tried his hand at legit acting, starring in Die You Zombie Bastards! in 2005.

Interestingly, he started out as a legit actor, and trained at Columbia University. But like many struggling actors in New York City, you have to pay the rent. He was appearing in off-Broadway plays and driving cabs when he answered an ad in the Village Voice for nude modeling, and well, one thing led to another. That was the beginning of his adult film career.

During his live sex shows in the 1970s, he read poetry and recited Shakespeare so the shows would be socially redeeming and not be busted by the police. Then, during his porn film heyday he starred in – and won awards for his role in Deep Throat Part II (1974).

Two great bits of trivia:

1. One of his stage names was Buster Hymen.

2. The “On The Lookout” segment in Mark Walberg’s 1997 movie Boogie Nights was based on Gillis’ pioneering adult video “On The Prowl” from 1989.

Gillis died from melanoma, which was only diagnosed a few months before.



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