EXPIRED: 02/23/10 – Robert “Chilly B” Crafton, 47, was the co-founder of the pioneering Brooklyn electro-rap group Newcleus, formed in 1977.

He sang, rapped, and played bass and keyboards in Newcleus, best-known for the massive 1984 vocoder opus “Jam on It,” as well as similarly spacey joints “Jam on Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)” and “Computer Age“. In recent years he was involved in independent production, including working on a new Newcleus album, and touring with the reunited band.

But he was best known for the following verse from “Jam on It.”  Even if you don’t remember it – you remember it.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chilly B

And I’m a surefire, full blooded bonafide house rockin’ Jam-On Production MC

If you want the best, put me to the test, and I’m sure you’ll soon agree

That I got no force cause I’m down by law when it comes to rockin’ viciously, you see

Cause when I was a little baby boy my mama gave me a brand new toy

Two turn tables with a mic, and I learned to rock like a Dolomite

Time went by, on this God creation, I knew someday I would rock the Nation

So I made up my mind just what to do and I joined with the Jam On Production Crew

Chilly B passed away due to complications from a massive stroke that left him brain dead and in a coma. The decision was made to remove him from life support and he passed on not long after.


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