EXPIRED: 02/27/10 – Tom “T-Bone” Wolk, 60, didn’t choose to be a musician. It chose him. Wolk was the guy with “the hat” playing bass guitar with Hall & Oates in all those videos on MTV in the early 80’s. Admit it. You remember.

Like many guys Wolk’s age, he got the urge to play rock and roll watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in his parent’s home in Yonkers, NY. He picked up an electric guitar and never looked back.

After being asked to fill in for Will Lee on Late Night with David Letterman, he played bass on the first gold rap record, “These Are The Breaks”, by Kurtis Blow in early 1981.

This caught the ears of Hall and Oates. He auditioned. Got the gig and over two decades later never looked back.

He also was co-director of the Saturday Night Live house band along with G.E. Smith from 86 – 92, and produced and played with some big names of that era including Carly Simon, Elvis Costello Shawn Colvin, Roseanne Cash, Cyndi Lauper, Harry Nilsson, Amanda Marshall, Paul Carrack, Jewel, Jellyfish, and Avril Lavigne.

Turn on the radio or pull out some CDs this week. Chances are you’ll hear some of T-Bone’s work without even knowing it.

He will be missed.



2 responses to “RIP – T-BONE WOLK

  1. A very sad loss. Watching him recently on the Daryl’s House video he seems so well and also so ‘well grounded’. R.I.P T-Bone, thanks for the joy you gave.

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