EXPIRED: 03/10/10 – Micky Jones, 63, was a hairdresser who became a guitarist with the Welsh prog-rock band Man. With Man he made a lot of music that messed with your brain back in the late 60’s, but couldn’t win the fight the brain tumor that took his life too young.

Man began as folk-rock group called The Bystanders in 1962, but they West Coast scene influenced them as it did so many other bands of the time.

As the psychedelic influences crept in, so too did new lead singer Deke Leonard, and by 1968 they were officially Man.

In just 6 years, until their breakup in 1974 they recorded an incredible 14 albums, making them one of the most prolific bands I have ever come across. Sure they were known for long, experimental, acid-fused jams, but – hey – that’s a lot of vinyl.

The last recording was entitled, ironically, “All’s Well That Ends Well”.

Man had a never-ending rotation of members, but throughout all the line0ups, Jones was a constant. But after the breakup he grew tired of being asked when he would reform the band. His reply was usually “when pigs can fly.”

Interestingly, Jones went on to form a band called The Flying Pigs. He also fronted the Micky Jones Band and Manipulator before reluctantly (and to great monetary gain) reuniting a group of musicians under the Man moniker. Frank Zappa once described Jones as “one of the 10 best guitarists in the world”.

He died in Swansea, Wales.



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