EXPIRED: 03/15/10 – Dan Achen, 51, once lead guitarist for the Canadian rock outfit Junkhouse, died after suffering a heart attack while playing a game of pickup hockey.

Junkhouse’s big claim to fame was a hit called “Out of My Head” and – no disrespect here, but – you have to be a bit out of your head to be playing a bit of pickup hockey at age 51 and not expect something bad to happen.

But then, that’s what Canadian’s do and I can’t be expected to understand…

Junkhouse broke up after releasing three critically acclaimed albums – 1993’s Strays, 1995’s Birthday Boy and 1997’s Fuzz. A few years after the break-up, Achen opened up Catherine North recording studios in a converted church (complete w/ original stained glass windows and organ) in Hamilton, Ontario. It was here that he influenced the music scene in still deeper ways  — producing internationally known artist Feist (who also happens to be his niece), as well as recording parts of Josh Ritter’s 2006 The Animal Years, and the Juno-winning album Bring Me Your Love, a solo project by Dallas Green of Alexisonfire.

So – love Junkhouse. Explore Canadian music – especially stuff from Catherine North studios. But be careful playing pickup hockey. Especially if you’re over half a century.

RIP – Dan.



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