EXPIRED: 03/15/10 – Ron Lundy, 75, was the epitome of New York City radio from the early 1960s to the mid 1990s. Every kid in the 60’s and 70s listened to his top 40 countdown. Every cab driver knew his jingle by heart.

He started as a record librarian in Memphis, Tennessee for radio station WHHM but eventually moved into the DJ booth at St. Louis station WIL and became known as the “Wil’ Child.” He supposedly got the job with an audition tape that was a combination of “country and crawfish pie.”

By ’65 he was in NYC at WABC-AM starting every show with “Hello Love… this is Ron Lundy from the Greatest City in the World!

There he remained until 1982 when the station went all talk. In ’84, he returned to the airwaves at WCBS-FM spinning oldies in the mid-morning. There he remained – playing the same music over and over again and never getting tired of it until 1997 when he retired and moved back south to Mississippi.

He’d been ill for a while, having suffered a series of heart attacks. The last one took him off the air for good.



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