EXPIRED: 03/15/10 – Wingra, 11, will be missed by many at the Utica Zoo in upstate New York, but mostly by her sister Monona.

You see, Amur Tigers work better with a companion, and because Wingra and Monona were sisters, they’d been together since birth back in 1999 at the Henry Vialas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. They came to live at the Utica Zoo in 2002 and for the past 8 years locals have watched the sisters grow and play, take cat naps in the sun and stalk their visitors.

But Wingra began to show signs of advancing kidney disease that worsened quickly. Zoo officials did what they could to treat the disease but did the humane thing and ended her suffering.

Unfortunately, this condition is hereditary and familial among Amur Tigers and Monona is already showing signs of the disease.

The Utica Zoo is in discussions with the SSP (Species Survival Plan) to receive a companion for Monona. However, this process has been known to take up to several months, so they ask that patrons be patient as they wait to receive the newest member of their zoo family.

Tigers can live 15 to 20 years, but will usually live longer in captivity. Here’s hoping with early and progressive treatment Monona can live a longer life and have happy memories of her sister Wingra.



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