EXPIRED: 04/14/10 – Mississippi Slim, 66, was born as Walter Horn Jr. in Shelby, Mississippi and grew up in the town of Greenville where he looked forward to pursuing a career as a tractor driver, a job he started in the early 1960s.

But a job like that can give a young man the blues. And when a young man gets the blues a young man sings the blues. And if you’re a skinny young man from Mississippi singing the blues, someone is bound to call you Mississippi Slim.

And so it was.

In 1968, Mississippi Slim moved to Chicago to pursue his singing career, where he became known for his multicolored hair and mismatched clothing. He toured with Junior Wells and other blues singers and in 1974 had a minor hit with the song “Crying In The Arms of Another Love”, released by Sunflower Records.

He returned to live in Mississippi in 1994 to take care of his aging mother and got involved in the local music scene there, becoming a headliner in local clubs and at festivals, and becoming active in Mississippi’s “Blues In Schools” Project which brings the history of the American Blues to local school kids.

He recorded the album, Miracles, in 1999 featuring a rocking cut called “Mississippi Boy” and was finishing up another CD at the time of his death after suffering a massive heart attack.

Right now you can get “You Can’t Lose The Blues” featuring “Cotton Candy” and “Take Your Finger Out Of It” – a great compilation of recent recordings on iTunes. Don’t mistake this slim with a HipHop artist by the same name. He might be good too, but that Slim is still breathing.

This Mississippi is Resting in Peace.



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