EXPIRED: 04/21/10 – Dugout Dick, 94, was born Richard Zimmerman, but he pretty much gave that name up when he gave up living like everyone else in 1948. That was when the former rancher crossed a river bridge, turned his back on society and started to dig a hole in a mountain.

In the hillside on the Salmon River, in Salmon, Idaho, Dugout made his permanent home.  In fact he dug so many caves, some 60 feet deep, that he rented them out to campers and other squatters who needed a break from society for $2 a night.

All in all he dug 14 caves and over the years he had been written up in National Geographic Magazine, on television and in dozen of newspapers and websites. He repeatedly turned down offers to be on the Tonight show. Not that Dugout would have known what that was. He didn’t own a phone, a TV, a radio or even knew what a computer was. All he had was his bible, his dogs, his cats, his guitars and a bunch of shovels.

I’d say Rest In Peace, but I think he always was.



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