EXPIRED: 05/03/10 – Peter O’Donnell, 90, suffering from Parkinson’s, celebrating his birthday just last week and must have decided enough was enough.

He’s been known to quit while he’s ahead.

O’Donnell is also known for creating the classic crime character Modesty Blaise with comic artist Jim Holdaway. The continuing thriller comic strips ran in London’s Evening Standard newspaper for almost forty years, beginning in 1963.

Modesty Blaise was dubbed the high priestess of pulp, providing crime thriller storylines with sass, wit and a touch of glamour. She was an adventurer, a spy, a smuggler and a seductress. Several animated films were made starring Ms. Blaise over the years.  O’Donnell wrote a number of Modesty Blaise novels – without illustrations – as well. He also wrote a number of gothic romance and adventure novels under the name Madeleine Brent. But he put Modesty to bed in almost ten years ago.

However, Titan Books recently began bringing the Modesty Blaise strip back into print, with sixteen collections of the classic strip and four more scheduled over the next year.  Interestingly, when he stopped the strip in 2001, O’Donnell went on record stating it is his wish that no one else write any future Modesty Blaise stories, but it remains to be seen whether this will hold true.

Modesty is more popular now than ever and – well – you can’t keep a good girl quiet forever.




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