EXPIRED: 05/11/10 – Richard LaMotta, 67, cousin of boxing legend Jake LaMotta, liked to dunk cookies in milk. Who’d a thunk you could make a career out of it?

In 1981, Brooklyn-born LaMotta invented the Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich – basically 3 ounces of vanilla ice cream wedged between 2 chocolate chip cookies – and began a guerilla marketing campaign, in which he trained and enlisted 100 students wearing khacki pants, work shirts and hard hats to push street carts around New York City to try to see the product.

He was asking a dollar each – a pretty hefty price at the time – and they sold 25,000 in just a few hours. Within weeks they were up to 40,000 a day.

LaMotta was featured in more than 8,000 stories in newspapers, magazines and other media covering the past 25 years. He received the Ad Age Executive Marketing Award,Adweek magazine’s Hottest Product of the Year Award, and Sales and Marketing magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Within a few years the Chipwich was so successful, that there were dozen of competitors out there with similar names. Eventually CoolBrands, the country’s second-largest ice cream distributor, bought the Chipwich brand in 2002, and sold it in 2007 to Dreyer’s division of Nestlé, who killed it because it competed with a copycat product that they introduced to compete with the Chipwich.

A victim of it’s own success.




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