EXPIRED: 05/24/10 – Sandy Herold, 72, suffered a series of heartbreaking losses over the last several years, beginning with the death of her only child, followed by the death of her husband. And then she brutally stabbed her beloved pet chimpanzee Travis, while it was critically maiming her friend and employee Charla Nash.

It really would be too much for anyone to bear.

Herold and her husband Jerome, adopted Travis when he was just 3 days old and raised him as their own. Travis was able to open doors using keys, could dress himself, watered plants, was able to feed hay to his owner’s horses, ate at a table with the rest of the family, drank wine from a stemmed glass, logged onto the computer to look at pictures,watched television using a remote control and brushed his teeth using a Water Pik. She even put him in commercials. He appeared in Old Navy and Coca Cola ads.

But Travis was a 200-pound animal who sometimes had a temper, so Herold supposedly put him on Xanax occasionally to calm his nerves.

Oh – and we didn’t mention this. Travis also bathed and slept with Herold. So he was kinda jealous.

It seems he was in such a state when he brutally attacked Herold’s friend, Charla Nash.

Herold stabbed the chimp multiple times to save her friend. She claims the ape looked at her with eyes that said “Mommy, why are you hurting me?”

It didn’t help. She called 911 and police shot the animal dead upon arrival.

Nash lost her hands, eyes, lips, and face in the attack. She’s recovering in a Boston-area rehab center.

And while the Connecticut state prosecutor opted not to press criminal charges against Herold for the chimp attack, Nash’s family has filed a civil suit against her seeking $50 million dollars in damages.

Herold’s attorney, Robert Golger, confirmed her death saying Herold suffered a ruptured aortic aneurysm stating, “The stress of defending a multimillion-dollar lawsuit and all that it entailed also weighed heavy on Sandy. She hated living alone in a house where she faced constant reminders of the vibrant and happy life she once led with her family and friends.”

Lesson learned: Get a dog.




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