EXPIRED: 05/30/10 – Nunu, 5, was a Chihuahua/Dachsund mix who used to have one ear up and one ear down. And that was all it took for Lost star Jorge Garcia, the guy who played Hugo, to say “Shucks, I just adopted a dog.”

The pair lived a great life in Hawaii, except that Nunu didn’t much like the water – tough for a dog on an island – but as Lost was wrapping up, her whole world was about to change.

When the series ended, and as they were was just about to leave Oahu, Hawaii, Nunu was killed in a car accident as she crossed the street.

“She died in my arms,” Garcia wrote in a blog post on Monday.

Nunu loved to chew — and was very much like Garcia. As a child, Garcia used to hide his dad’s shoes so he couldn’t leave him and go off to work. Interestingly, Nunu would also sit on Garcia’s shoes and moan, making the actor late when he was supposed to be on the set of his hit TV show.

Since Nunu hated the water, Garcia decided against having her ashes scattered in the ocean. So Nunu will be buried in the Pet Garden at Valley of the Temples in Kaneohe.

“If you’d like to leave a flower or a toy, I’m sure she’d love it,” Garcia posted.




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