EXPIRED:  06/01/10  – Tom Dong, 30, went by his real name, Herbert Wong, when he wasn’t acting in porn movies. Sadly, the set of a porn movie is where he met his friend, co- star, and eventual murderer, Stephen Hill, who went by the name Steven Driver.

The two worked together at Ultima DVD in Van Nuys California, a studio specializing in violent fetish films, particularly those involving the cast hurting one another. Dong was a cinematographer, blogger, editor, webmaster and actor of Ballbusting Pornstars and Armpit Girls. Hill, an actor and web designer, had recently played a part resembling Barack Obama in a porn movie about Sarah Palin, had been living in the studio.

Dong & Hill had worked together in the past many times and were known as the ‘Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker of porn’. But the owners had been unhappy with Hill’s “product” and had fired him and told him to move out by June 2nd. Unfortunately, Hill was on probation at the time of the attack. He had been previously arrested in 2008 for a weapon violation in Burbank.

There was a samurai-style sword on the set from a previous production that will go unnamed in this family-oriented blog (but it has to do with testicles and Asian girls) and Hill used it to make his case to stay.

It didn’t go over well for Dong.

Hill fled the scene in a 1996 blue Toyota RAV 4 and eventually died after he jumped off a 40 foot cliff during a standoff with LA SWAT officers.

Dong was rushed to the hospital but died from multiple stab wounds. Two other victims in the attack are expected to make a full recovery.



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