EXPIRED: 06/05/10 – Stephen Hill, 34, was a porn actor better known as Steve Driver who went on a rampage after being let go from his job at Ultima DVD – a violence/fetish/porn film studio – in Van Nuys, California.

Hill had been living and working at the Ultima DVD production house. When he was recently let go – possibly because his porn skills might have been less than desirable – he was also told he had to move out of the location. Having had a previous conviction with a handgun in Maryland, Hill wasn’t too keen on having to relocate. He took a prop, a samurai sword used in a recent film, and hacked away at fellow employees.

He injured two and fatally stabbed fellow actor Herbert Wong, whose porn name was Tom Dong. Then he fled.

Eric Jover, manager of Ultima DVD, had offered $2,000 reward for information leading to Hill’s arrest.

Hill managed to hide for 4 days but was eventually found by Los Angeles police clutching the sword as police tried to talk him down from a rocky embankment near a home in the San Fernando Valley, not far from the Chatsworth Nature Preserve in Los Angeles. He remained perched on the edge of a large rock for 8 hours, threatening to either impale himself on the sword or throw himself off the 40 foot ledge.

The day-long stand-off came to an end after the Hill fell from the cliff after police finally used “non-lethal munitions” to subdue him. But Hill fell to rocks below, sustaining massive head trauma. He was taken into police custody, but died of his injuries.

It’s unknown at this time whether someone tipped off the police to Hill’s whereabouts in order to get the reward.

Porn kills.



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