EXPIRED: 06/07/10 – Stuart Cable, 40, former Stereophonics drummer and TV personailty, was on the verge of something big. He was Killing for Company.

The former drummer left the Stereophonics in 2003, had hosted TV talk shows and rock radio shows throughout Great Britain.

But his main success, although modest, was with the band, who played nearby just two days before Cable’s death. Stereophonics formed in 1992 and within 5 years they found themselves opening for the Stones, U2, and other mega groups of the time.

Cable’s autobiography, “Demons and Cocktails”, released in 2009, notes that Cable and Stereophonics vocalist Kelly Jones disagreed on Jones’ desire to produce the band’s third album. And when Cable’s personality started to be tapped for TV hosting duties, the band simply replaced him.

Cable’s new outfit, Killing for Company, who were set to put out a new album “Lost Art of Deception” any day now, as well as the score to an upcoming film, “Abraham’s Point.”

Kerrang magazine said it best: “So, what do you do when your first band sold millions and you toured the world with the biggest names, but you no longer get along with the front man…? If you’re Stuart Cable and that band was the Stereophonics, you leave, get a new career in TV/radio and wait until you find the right guys to form another, seriously rockin band.”



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