EXPIRED: 06/16/10 – Corso Salani, 48, a native of Florence, Italy, was a well-respected actor and director who made films that were a blend of documentary and fiction that came very close to reality.

Interestingly, at the time of his death he had just completed filming I Casi della Vita, a new docu-fiction piece on work-related deaths.

And so life imitates art.

Salani came to attention in that country in 1991 when acting in Marco Risi’s Il muro di gomma. His last performance was in last year’s Black Sea, the debut film of Federico Bondi.

Salani’s directorial debut came in 1989 with the feature documentary The Voice of Europe, divided into three episodes. His filmography includes Gli Ultimi Giorni, Cono Sur, Personal Mail, Palabras, Tre donne in Europa and Confini d’Europa. Most were developed with his long-time screenwriter Monica Rametta.

He died of a cardiac arrest while taking a break from filming off the coast of Rome with his wife Margherita.



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