EXPIRED: 06/23/10 – John Anczarski, 19, could have driven across the United States if he had wanted to, but then he wouldn’t have met so many people, or touched so many lives or raised as much cash for Breast Cancer awareness.

So he chose to bike across the country instead.

John Anczarski, was the youngest of a foursome who rode for a project they called the called ‘The Pink Pedal.” They included Ty Bereskie, 20, and Travis Brown and Nicholas Gober, both 21. Four college kids hoping to see a little part of the world, meet some interesting people, get some exercize and raise awareness, and money for Breast Cancer research.

The foursome left Pennsylvania on May 23 and planned to ride for about 45 days, covering over 3,100 miles. They blogged about their trip at and had Facebook and Flickr pages tracking the journey. They expected to conclude the ride in San Diego next month.

Then, back on his bike after a side trip of riding in a hot air balloon in New Laguna, New Mexico, about 50 miles west of Albuquerque, Anczarski was struck and killed by an SUV.

Police say the investigation into the crash has been turned over to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, because the accident occurred on tribal land. No charges have been filed.

Anczarski, an Eagle Scout and a junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering knew about cancer suffering first hand. Two of grandparents had passed away from some form of cancer.  Their struggle had powerfully influenced his decision in biking across America to help aid victims in their own battle with cancer.

Ironically, Anczarski’s death brought much more attention to the Pink Pedal project (you’re reading this now) and the Facebook page swelled with followers. Rather than post an Obit, why not make a donation?



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