EXPIRED: 06/28/10 – Pietro Taricone, 35, was a bodybuilder from Caserta, Italy who dropped out of Law school when, at the age of 25, reality TV came calling.

Italy’s version of Big Brother, a phenomenon called Grande Fratello, turned the charmingly cocky and quite handsome Taricone into a star. And although he didn’t win the big prize (he came in 3rd place), he remained a celebrity long after the show completed its run.

He was flying sky high. And that was part of the problem.

As an actor he starred in various film and television projects including Tutti Pazzi Per l’Amore in 2008, the action series Codice Rosso, and a lead role in the popular crime series Crimini.

He was also a regular contributor to the current affairs program Niente di Personale giving his own personal view of political events in a segment called Pietro la notizia.
An avid thrill seeker, Taricone and his partner (and mother of his daughter) actress Kasia Smutniak were expert parachutists. But accidents happen.

Early on Monday afternoon, Taricone jumped from an airplane. Smutniak jumped after him.

Smutniak landed safely. Taricone didn’t.

He was resuscitated at the site of the accident by emergency paramedics after suffering a cardiac arrest and was then taken to a local hospital. He was operated on for 9 hours. Diagnosed with multiple fractures he died without regaining consciousness.



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