EXPIRED: 07/27/10 – Morrie Yohai, 90, was an airplane mechanic and fighter pilot in World War II. And when the war was over he was in the mood for a snack.

So he created one.

His family owned the Old London Foods factory specializing in matzo-based product, but had begun selling snack foods to a post war nation of baby boomers. Dipsy Doodles, the rippled corn chips, which were made with a pressurized machine that spit the chip out through a swervy nozzle.

To diversify, Yohai liquefied cornmeal and had the machine push the mess thru a pinhole. Then, to make the concoction healthy, each weird shape was baked, not fried, and coated with bright orange cheddar powder that stained your fingertips.

The result? A Cheez Doodle.

It made the company a lot of money. And when Borden came calling in 1965, Yohai sold out.  For 10 years became senior vice president of Borden’s snack food division, which basically meant he wasn’t creating things anymore but sitting around a conference table having meetings.


In 1975 he quit to teach business school at the New York Institute of Technology. He loved helping students think about creating things. When someone suggested he should write a memoir about his life, he thought:


Instead he created poetry and studied the Torah and learned Hebrew so he could read the teachings of the Zohar. He practiced Kabbalah, became a mystic, became a conservationist and promoted environmental causes.

Sure, he made your fingers orange. But he did so much more!

He created.



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