EXPIRED: 0812/10 – Andy, 27, lived a lot longer than most polar bears do in the wild. At 27, she had spent nearly a quarter century at the San Francisco Zoo, but unfortunately she was recently discovered to be in the final stages of liver failure.

Andy arrived in San Francisco in 1985 after being born at the Atlanta zoo on Christmas Day 1982. Although a carnivore by nature, she loved her fruit and had a particular preference for bartlett pears. She was, to say the least, an unusual bear.

She shared a grotto with Piké, another female who is also 27. The zoo also is home to Uulu who is 29 and is currently the oldest living female polar bear in North America. She’s considered geriatric by polar bear standards.

“We’re keeping an eye on Piké to see how she handles this,” said Corrine MacDonald, the zoo’s curator of primates and carnivores, who also noted that polar bears prefer a life of solitude. “Their relationship was more of a they-tolerate-each-other relationship, so we’re not sure if Piké recognizes she’s gone.”

Maybe that’s just the senility.

Poor Andy. Poor Piké. Poor Uulu.



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