EXPIRED: 08/18/10 – Bambi, 3, died, much like Joan Crawford in “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane,” on a beach, exhausted and alone.

But unlike Crawford, this deer had just run through downtown Laguna Beach, barreled through two stores, was hit by a car and ran into the ocean.

Police Sergeant Louise Callus said the frenzied deer, which had only one antler, ran through a pharmacy and a clothing store and crashed into a mirror as he tried to get back outside.

Bambi then ran into a car, raced toward the beach, and bolted into the water. With officers following on land it did what you or I would do.

It started swimming.

Eventually Bambi found a beachside cave and took to hiding. Animal Control Officer Joy Falk caught up with the animal and tried to give it CPR as waves crashed down on them.

But like his mother in the Disney movie, Bambi died.



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