EXPIRED: 08/20/10 – Charles Haddon, 22, borrowed an old synth from a friend 2 years ago and loved the way it sounded. So he started a synth band on the spot with mates Joe Hutchinson and Caan Capan. They were based in Camden, London and called themselves Ou Est Le Swimming Pool.

Within the hour we had an awful cover of Rihanna’s song ‘Umbrella‘. It ended up getting played by a DJ in a major London club, so we thought: “Let’s make something good”.

Two years later and they’ve been touring the summer festivals all over the UK riding the surge of their popular electro-pop hit  ‘Dance The Way I Feel’ which reached #10 on the UK charts and their latest ‘Jackson’s Last Stand.’

I guess there’s a lot of pressure on a kid to be a pop singer. And there’s certainly a lot of pressure on a new band to follow-up a set of singles with a great debut, the highly anticipated full-length, Christ Died for Our Synths, to be released in October. And the pressure of fairly quick stardom, and all the temptations that can bring, must be great.

Whatever the reason, the pressure must have been too much for frontman and lead singer Haddon, who finished Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s set at the Belgium’s Pukkelpop music festival and then committed suicide.

News media report that Hadden climbed a light pole in the parking lot backstage and simply let go. it’s speculated that he was distraught at having jumped off the stage into the crowd during the performance earlier in the day and an audience member, a teenage girl, was left seriously injured.

Awful thing to have over your head. Awful way to act out on it.

Sad all around.



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