EXPIRED: 10/18/10 – Freddy Schuman, 85, loved the Yankees. In fact, for a little guy he might have been the team’s biggest fan.

Better known as Freddy Sez, Schuman was born, and lived in, the Bronx.  When he was 9 years old, he lost the use of his right eye while playing stickball, but he never stopped loving the game. He spent the rest of his life promoting the Bronx Bombers and encouraging other fans to do the same.

To each home game he carried a frying pan with a shamrock painted on it, which he claimed brought the team good luck.  Fans were encouraged to bang on the pot with a spoon to make noise, echoing throughout the stadium. If you were lucky you got to bang on Freddy’s pot. If not, you certainly heard it over the TV or radio during a Yankee home game broadcast.

Schuman also carried a number of colorful hand-painted signs adorned with messages to encourage the team and the fans. The signs usually begin with “Freddy ‘sez'”. Some Freddy messages include “Again & Again Yankees Prove They Are Great,” and “Fans, We Got To Help Yankees Out Of Slumps.” If you were really lucky, Schuman would give you a sign at the end of a game.

Never one to stay seated, Schuman moved throughout the stadium, making his way from the Grandstand down to the Main Section, and finally to the Field Level. He was such a beloved presence at the Stadium that he was always greeted by the fans. He even he figured into a baseball themed MasterCard commercial that aired during the 2007 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby.

RIP Freddy Sez!



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