EXPIRED: 06/11/11 – Seth Putnam, 43, was the founder of Boston band Anal Cunt. He was also a heavy user of crack, heroin and prostitutes. In ’98 he OD’d & was dead for 10 mins. In ’04 he intended to commit suicide with a gram if smack, but instead took 60 Ambiens & ended up in a 2 week coma. Known for his antics & brutal screaming on stage, …when he came out of his coma he needed a walker to get around and had to change his personality so people didn’t think he had brain damage. Last night he had a heart attack and died. Before you feel sad, know that his other bands were Angry Hate, Satan’s Warriors, Impaled Northern Moonforest, Shit Scum, Full Blown A.I.D.S., Death’s Head Quartet, Cuntsaw, Adolf Satan, Upsidedown Cross, Executioner, Post, Person Killer & Vaginal Jesus



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