E20110811-104517.jpgXPIRED: 08/10/11 – Wendy Babcock, 32, a Canadian prostitute since the age of 15, later promoted the rights of sex workers and the decriminalization of Canada’s prostitution laws. She also published the Bad Date Book, reporting violent Johns. At the time of her suicide, she was working on a memoir.



2 responses to “RIP – WENDY BABCOCK

  1. You forget to mention “con artist who grafted $20K for university in fabricating false stories of child abuse to tender hearted audiences”

  2. I don’t defend, just give a frame of reference. Thanks for pointing out what I didn’t know. FYI – I’m not a reporter digging for facts. This is a hobby. I’m sure a real Canadian news outlet has something more in depth for you to reference/react to.

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