EXPIRED: 08/17/11 – Gualtiero Jacopetti, 91, a journalist who started the Italian magazine L’Espresso, found fame when he invented the “shockumentary” in 1962 with a movie that showed Italians cutting themselves on Good Friday, a painter using naked women as paintbrushes, a smoking chicken, and Americans eating insects in a NYC restaurant. The name of the movie, “Mondo Cane,” translates to “Dog’s World.” Jacopetti quickly made a sequel, “Mondo Cane 2”, and the similar “Women of the World” which scrutinized the way humans looked at women. He also made “Africa Addio” about postcolonial Africa and “Addio zio Tom (Goodbye, Uncle Tom),” a time travel piece about pre-Civil War slavery in America. His shock style was often copied. First by Russ Meyer, who made “Mondo Topless” in 1966 and then by John Waters w/ “Mondo Trasho.”



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