EXPIRED: 08/20/11 – Rafael Halperin, 87, was, as a teenager in Jerusalem, a pretty decent athlete, eventually becoming Israel’s national champ in karate, boxing, and bodybuilding. So a few years later, when he put together a business plan to open a fitness center, he took to wrestling professionally to raise the necessary capital. Despite winning 159 consecutive matches in the USA, promoters and other wrestlers didn’t like working with him because he took the sport seriously, and wouldn’t act out a scripted performance. Halperin believed that by wrestling honestly he was upholding the dignity of his country. His dedication to the sport made him a fan favorite.

Post retirement, Halperin wrote books on business, sports and even a weight-loss guide. He eventually opened a chain of athletic centers, a popular eyeglass chain, and became a rabbi. Since his orthodox Jewish beliefs dictate that businesses do not operate on Shabbat, he invented a credit card containing a microchip that not only renders it inoperable on Saturday, it won’t function in any store known to operate on the holy day.



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