EXPIRED: 08/24/11 –  Michael Showers, 45, played New Orleans cop, Capt. John Guidry, in the TV show Treme, about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In his role he was investigating the murder of the real-life Helen Hill, who was killed in 2007. He died nearby, pulled from the Mississippi River near the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, after being spotted by a steamboat captain. Police speculate he’d been dead for at least 2 days. His girlfriend reported him missing after he failed to return home after a night drinking on Bourbon Street. 

Showers was suffering from depression and anxiety and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just a few months ago.

Showers was a struggling actor for several decades but racked up an impressive resume of extra and walk-on work over the last decade, including the movies TrafficMad MoneyI Love You Phillip MorrisThe ResidentThe Tree of Life and the soon to be released Colombiana.

He also was getting more work on the small screen and recently appeared in The Vampire Diaries and Breaking Bad.



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