EXPIRED: 09/06/11 – Shigeri Akabane, 70, was a peaceful guy who made a career by beating up other peaceful guys. Known professionally as ‘Little Tokyo’, Akabane was a midget wrestler from Japan who made it big in the USA. While competing for the World Wrestling Federation, he was part of a mixed midget tag team with Lord Littlebrook and King Kong Bundy at WrestleMania III in 1987.

At 69, Akabane, who has two brothers and two sisters of normal size, was diagnosed with base tongue cancer. Doctors said it was curable. It might have been, but he didn’t stick around long enough to find out.

On the day before he died he was discharged from the hospital as symptoms he had developed while fighting a second round of leukemia had cleared up. The next morning the 4-foot, 98-pounder got up to pee, suffered a heart attack and died.



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