EXPIRED: 09/08/11 – Mary Fickett, 83, lived her life like a soap opera. Actually, she lived it ON a soap opera!

On “The Edge of Night” she played Sally Smith starting in 1961. Then she returned to the same program as someone else entirely, as Dr. Katherine Lovell in 1967.

She also played Ruth Parker Brent on “All My Children” for 26 years from 1970-1996. When contract negotiations broke down, the show let Fickett go and hired Lee Meriwether to play the part.  Three years later, “All My Children” fired Meriwether and rehired Fickett as the original Ruth.

But after just a year, Fickett quit and retired in  2000. When “All My Children” wanted to bring the character of Ruth back two years later,  Fickett refused and the role returned to Meriwether.

Fickett moved in with her daughter in Virginia but remained in poor health til her death. ABC plans to dedicate the September 21st episode of “All My Children” to Fickett. Two days later, the series will end its network run.


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