EXPIRED: 09/11/11 – Isabell Masters, 98, was a school teacher, got a PHD and ran for President of the United States, unsuccessfully, five times. That’s more times than any other woman in U.S. history.

Hailing from Topeka, Kansas, Masters was a  third-party candidate with the Looking Back Party, whatever that is.

She ran in  1984 with negligible impact. But in  1992 she got  339 votes. Four years later, in 1996, she was only on the ballot in Arkansas but also received a votes in California and Maryland for a total of 1052 votes. By the 2000 election she got 752 votes. Her last run was in 2004.

Also she liked to keep it in the family.  Her 1992 running mate was her son, Walter Ray. In  1996 she tried her luck with her daughter, Shirley Jean, as Vice Presidential candidate. Not to play favorites, she chose to run with her other daughter, Alfreda Dean, in 2000.

Her other three children, including a daughter, Cora, the ex-wife of the former Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry, and a son Thomas Masters, mayor of Riviera Beach, Florida, never ran for office with thier mom.



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