EXPIRED: 09/17/11 – Joe Dressner, 60, was a wine importer who started a revolution with a wine glass. He was an advocate of Old World wines – what he called real, natural, authentic, or heirloom –  wine made without being a byproduct of grapes grown in chemically farmed vineyards and then manipulated with cultured yeasts and enzymes. Dressner championed wines that were expressions of local cultures, made from grapes grown organically or as organically as possible.

While living in France or a summer, he learned that the wines they liked best were made from low yields of grapes, harvested by hand, and fermented with indigenous yeast. Soon he developed his own sense of how wine ought to be made, marketed, and consumed.

The rest of his life was spent sharing what he thought the best wines were, with the rest of us.




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