EXPIRED: 09/16/11 – Jerry Haynes, 84, is the father of Gibby Haynes, lead singer of the Butthole Surfers. But that’s not why he’s got an obit here.

Haynes was a classic American TV star: local, popular and authentic.

For 30 years Haynes was  the host of one of the longest-running local children’s shows in television, the Dallas-based Mr. Peppermint.

As Mr. Peppermint, Haynes who wore a red- and white-striped jacket and straw hat and carried a candy-striped magic cane. The original show, starting in 1961, had Mr. Peppermint carrying on with his puppets characters and introduce cartoon segments. It was very similar to Officer Joe Bolton in the New York area, and Mr. Rodgers out of Pittsburgh.

The local Dallas show went live at 7:30 AM and ran for one hour, competing in its last half hour with the national CBS broadcast of Captain Kangaroo but usually winning its time slot. In 1970 the show was replaced by a talk program for adults. But 5 years later the FCC for more educational programming for children and the the show was brought back – this time pre-recorded – as “Peppermint Place.” The show continued in that format for over 20 years, eventually being syndicated to 108 markets nationwide before ending its run in 1996.

He did some real Hollywood fare on the side, too, including small roles in 1984’s Places in the Heart, the 1985 Patsy Cline biopic Sweet Dreams, 1987’s RoboCop and Boys Don’t Cry in 1999.

He can also be seen in documentary films discussing the Kennedy assassination, since he was actually there at the time.



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