EXPIRED: 10/12/11 – Vic Miles, 79, was born to a mixe race family in Philadelphia in 1931. His Black/Puerto Rican/Jewish heritage was the source of a lot of harassment from neighborhood school kids so it was imperative that Miles, who’s real last name is Levy, learned to either talk himself out of a scuffle or become very street smart. Miles did both.

His communication style and street attitude got him a gig as a news director and disc jockey for radio station WHOA in Puerto Rico from 1956 to 1966, and a reporter and anchor with KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh from 1966-1971.

From there he took a job at WCBS-TV in New York City, where he was a street beat reporter and the first American black news anchor from ’71 til ”95 when Jerry Nachman cleaned house of the old reporters and brought in fresh young faces who didn’t want to get dirty.

That’s what Miles did best. He got dirty. He wasn’t afraid to go where the news was and report in an honest fashion. For him it wasn’t about entertainment. It was news.

RIP Vic.



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