EXPIRED: 10/21/11 – Wang Yue, 2, also known as Yue Yue, lived on a narrow market street in the Chinese city of Foshan in Guangdong province. On October 13, while her mother was hanging the washing, Yue Yue wandered outside her home and into the street. There she was hit by a delivery van moving at a slow rate of speed.

The driver stopped – or paused actually – and then continued on, crushing her body again with his back tires. Immediately thereafter, a small truck ran over her body.

He didn’t stop either.

But Yue Yue was still alive and was moving her arms and crying.

Most shockingly, the injured child was ignored by 18 people as she lay on the street. Eighteen people had better things to do – deliver products to a store, go shopping, whatever – than assist this little girl. Some paused before moving on. She was eventually moved to the side of the road by a an old woman scavenging thru the trash.

And it was all caught on surveillance camera.

Yue Yue’s parents Wang Chichang and Qu Feifei chose not to blame anyone else for their daughter’s death, but the drivers of both vehicles were detained by police.

Yue Yue’s plight is indicative of Chinese apathy – of a moral numbness seeping through Chinese society. Some blame a past series of incidents in which people who stopped to help elderly strangers who had fallen found themselves accused of wrongdoing and ordered to pay compensation.

Either way, China’s citizens are ashamed. And they should be. Maybe the toddler couldn’t have been saved from her injuries.

But they could have tried.



6 responses to “RIP – YUE YUE

  1. i believe the parents of this child should be blamed as well. a year old child shouldn’t be wandering around the streets alone. regardless of how fast or slow vehicles run in that street! this would not have happened if it wasn’t for the negligence of the child’s parents! and for the truck driver, fuck you!!! you should have stopped! no one in our country would have done the same thing you did!! even if the child was there all day, nobody would run over her!! as for the second truck and the people who ignored her! go to hell!!

  2. i believe the parents should be the one blamed for this accident, shes only 2 years, if the mother is doing something she suppose to lock the door so that the kid can’t go out of himself alone, and the chinese people they dont have the heart to help somebody that in needs, people of the world love one another

  3. shame on you chinese people…imagine 18 people ignored yue yue on the street, and the track drivers…(why?), lastly the parent of d’child. what kind if human r u?

  4. It’s a tragedy that a child has to give her life to show how dumb & numb these people are. I hope the same thing happens to them. Remember, what goe around, comes around.

  5. RIP dear yue yue , so painful and tragic life. May you born again not in CHINA anymore. So many STUPID people living there! Have a peaceful travel in heaven.

  6. R.I.P Little sweet yue yue,

    My heart goes out to her parents. May God be looking after you and shinning a perpetual light upon your soul sweet little yue yue. I love you sweet baby and I will pray for you.

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