EXPIRED: 12/01/11 – Alan Sues, 85, would be the first to make fun of himself so others wouldn’t get the chance. His “I’ll do anything” brand of humor landed him a stint as a regular on ‘Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In’ the 60’s groundbreaker that brought bawdy/raunchy comedy to every American living room.

But the one thing Sues wouldn’t do was come out of the closet.

Sues was indeed gay, but afraid that it would ruin his career, he tried to keep it a secret. He didn’t really do a good job of it though. From 1968-1972 while on Laugh-In he played Big Al, the effeminate sportscaster, Uncle Al the Kiddies’ Pal, a constantly hung-over children’s show host who made gay sexual overtones. And he was constantly flirting overtly with guest on the program.

But, man was he funny.

Prior to ‘Laugh-In,’ Sues appeared on ‘The Doris Day Show,’ ‘Twilight Zone‘ and ‘The Wild Wild West.’ His last credited TV roles were on ‘Punky Brewster‘ and  ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch‘ in the 90s. And he was at the 2008 Emmys to present the award for Outstanding TV Variety, Music or Comedy Series.

It was fitting then that he died in his living room while watching TV.



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