EXPIRED: 12/05/11 –  Pusuke, 26, lived his life in Japan and was a Shiba mix who last year was recognized by Guinness World Records as the planet’s oldest dog. He seemed to be fine on the morning before he died, getting up, eating, sniffing, but then, well….

Pusuke, was actually a little older. He was 26 years, eight months old. Or, about 125 in “human years,” according to his owner Yumiko Shinohara.  A few years ago he was hit by a car. A vet told Shinohara it would be difficult to save Pusuke’s life, but the dog underwent successful surgery.”

But sometimes, the years catch up. RIP Pusuke!

For those of you doing the math, calculating a dog’s age in human years isn’t as simple as multiplying by 7 (the common equation). Among the factors that come into play are breed and size (smaller dogs often live longer than larger ones). Pedigree has a “dog age calculator” posted here



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