EXPIRED: 12/19/11 –  Jeremy Doyle, 28, became a paraplegic at the age of 4 when he was run over by a car.  That didn’t stop him though. At 24, Doyle played in Australia’s National Wheelchair Basketball League. A year later, he joined the Australia men’s national wheelchair basketball team, making his debut at the 2009 Paralympic World Cup. There, and at the 2010 Wheelchair Basketball World Championship, Doyle helped his team win gold medals. He was chosen to represent Australia at the 2012 Summer Paralympics and was training for that event.

Doyle had been diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2010 and beaten it but a scan in August of 2010 showed it had spread. By that time he had met the girl of his dreams, Melanie Carr. The two of them had met online in April and in person in May. They spent the summer planning their future together when doctors told him the terminal had returned with a vengeance. They gave him three to 12 months to live.

On December 2nd they became man and wife. They barely had two weeks together before Melanie became a widow.



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