EXPIRED: 12/24/11 – Lynn Samuels, 69, was a New Yorker who sounded like a New Yorker. Her accent – and opinions – were thick. And she voiced them to anyone who would listen in her Greenwich Village laundromat. With her gift of gab, where better to have a career than on the radio talking to other opinionated New Yorkers for over 30 years.

I remember her from her late night talk show on WBAI, beginning in 1979 when NY was still a little gritty and dangerous. She was sassy, confrontational, had a crazy laugh and leftist views. In the 80s, when NYC started becoming more capitalistic, BAI closed its doors and Samuels was out of work. She was subsequently hired at WABC where she was fired three times and rehired twice. The last firing, in 2002, was allegedly due to budget cuts, but I’m sure Samuels was on the short list.

From 2003 to 2011, she hosted The Lynn Samuels Show on the Sirius Satellite Radio channel SIRIUS Left. Earlier this year she was cut to a weekend talk show on Sirius XM Stars. To supplement her income she went full circle and took a part-time job at her local laundromat.

For years she hosted a show on Christmas Eve that was very different than her usual passionate discussions of politics and socio-economic issues plaguing her beloved city. She had listeners call in to sing Christmas Carols. New Yorkers loved it.

This year she never showed up for her Christmas Eve program.



One response to “RIP – LYNN SAMUELS

  1. Lynn also was present late evening in to the early morning hours on Thanksgiving Day during her WBAI days. I remeber one Thanksgiving when we invoted our friends to stopby “If you finish dinner with the family and can still eat sone dessert.” That was a party that went o 3 am. Everyone went home and I stayed up by myself cleaning up as listening to LYnn. I remember sitting on the porch, watching the sunrise at about 7AM, listening to Lynn talk about nothing much and play music that was pretty terrible (her musical preferences just didn’t jive with mine, I guess) and thinking… Life can’t get better than this!! I hope Lynn had those kind of couldn’t get better than this moments that she helped set the mood for in my life.

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