EXPIRED: 01/06/12  – Tom Ardolino, 57, was an amateur drummer and fan of the band NRBQ, who after trading tapes with co-founder Terry Adams and establishing a rapport with the singer, found himself called up onstage at a sow when drummer Tom Staley skipped out on an encore. When Staley quit NRBQ in 1974, Ardolino took over.

He stayed in the band until it disbanded in 2004 so Adams could get treatment for throat cancer.

The freedom left Ardolino room to do some solo work and he released “Unknown Brain.” The album consisted mostly of 30 year old basement recordings made before he was in NRBQ. The cover states “WARNING: If out-of-tuneness bothers you, do not listen.”

Earlier this year Adams decided to put NRBQ back together with a new album and tour. Although Ardolino wasnt part of the line-up, he was very supportive of the reunion. He was always a fan after all, even before he was a member.




EXPIRED: 10/05/11 – Chuck Ruff, 60, played drums in the rock group Sawbuck with Ronnie Montrose from 1968–1970. Ruff and Montrose were later recruited by Dan Hartman to form The Edgar Winter Group in 1972. Success was immediate, with their first album.  Released in 1973, They Only Come Out at Night peaked at the number 3 position on the Billboard Hot 200 and stayed on the charts for an impressive 80 weeks. The single, an instrumental called “Frankenstein,” reached No. 1 with the follow-up single “Free Ride”, peaking at No. 14.  Both songs are still heard today on variousTV ads and movie soundtracks.

Their next album, Shock Treatment, replaced Montrose with guitar hero Rick Derringer and featured the moderate hit “Easy Street”. Ruff survived various lineup changes through three more albums: Jasmine Nightdreams in ’75, and The Edgar Winter Group With Rick Derringer and  Johnny and Edgar Winter Live, both released in ’76.

In 1977, Ruff drummed with Sammy Hagar on the singer’s albums Street Machine and Danger Zone, and helped 20 year old Seattle guitarist Adam Bomb start his career by providing the backbeat for his debut.

In the 90s, he retired to Reno, Nevada to start the Chuck Ruff Group and his last project, Geezersläw. He died in San Francisco after a surgery and a subsequent coma.



EXPIRED: 08/11/11 – Jani Lane, 47, was born John Kennedy Oswald in Ohio. He was the sometime drummer and lead vocalist of the 80’s hair metal band Warrant, known for their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich with the singles “Heaven,” “Down Boys” and “Sometimes She Cries.” Their second album, Cherry Pie, had 3 more hit singles, “Cherry Pie,” “I Saw Red,” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Both albums made the Top 10. But internal fighting and subsequent quitting, rejoining and quitting the band made Warrant less vital and after a crap solo record, his big claim to fame was being on the reality show Celebrity Fit Club, getting a well-publicized DUI charge in 2010, and serving 120 days in jail. He was found dead at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, California.



EXPIRED: 08/08/10 – Jack Parnell, 87, began drumming as a teenager and, even though he was primarily a jazz drummer, he probably influenced more kids to pound the drums than every rock drummer combined.

For it was Parnell who was Animal, the drummer of “The Muppet Show.”

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EXPIRED: 06/07/10 – Stuart Cable, 40, former Stereophonics drummer and TV personailty, was on the verge of something big. He was Killing for Company.

The former drummer left the Stereophonics in 2003, had hosted TV talk shows and rock radio shows throughout Great Britain.

But his main success, although modest, was with the band, who played nearby just two days before Cable’s death. Stereophonics formed in 1992 and within 5 years they found themselves opening for the Stones, U2, and other mega groups of the time.

Cable’s autobiography, “Demons and Cocktails”, released in 2009, notes that Cable and Stereophonics vocalist Kelly Jones disagreed on Jones’ desire to produce the band’s third album. And when Cable’s personality started to be tapped for TV hosting duties, the band simply replaced him.

Cable’s new outfit, Killing for Company, who were set to put out a new album “Lost Art of Deception” any day now, as well as the score to an upcoming film, “Abraham’s Point.”

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EXPIRED: 04/27/10 – Morris Pert, 62, loved astronomy, cosmology and astrophysics but instead of following his brain and becoming a scientist, he followed his heart and became a musician, expressing the mysteries of the sciences through percussion and electronica. He ended up collaborating with some of rock and pop’s elite, including Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, Bryan Ferry, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Mike Oldfield, Phil Collins, Talk Talk, Peter Gabriel and Brand X.

Pert earned a bachelor of music at Edinburgh University and studied composition and percussion at the Royal Academy in London. He was also an associate of Trinity College London in piano teaching. While at the academy he won several composition prizes, including the 1970 Royal Philharmonic Award for Xumbu-Ata, his first orchestral piece.

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EXPIRED: 04/18/10 – Devon Clifford, 30, was the drummer for You Say Party! We Say Die! (often abbreviated to YSP! WSD!), a Canadian five-piece dance-punk band from Abbotsford, British Columbia. Their third album, XXXX, was released in 2009 in Canada, a few months ago in the USA and next month in the UK.

To support the new music, You Say Party! We Say Die! was been touring. The band had recently returned home after touring the U.S. and Western Canada, including a few shows at the 2010 Olympics and SXSW dates in Austin, Texas. They were was wrapping up a few local shows before beginning a European tour later this month, starting in Germany and ending Spain, in June.

Obviously, a hectic schedule.

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