EXPIRED: 12/26/11  – James Rizzi, 61, was one of the most fun pop artists of all time. You couldn’t help but smile at his playful paintings and childlike 3D sculptures.

Born in Brooklyn, Rizzi studied at the University of Florida. But in 1974 he returned to NYC and took a studio in SoHo – back before it became a shopping mall and could actually house struggling artists. And struggling he was. At age 24 Rizzi was a renegade street artist.

Known for his bright, cartoon-like drawings he gained fans quickly. In 1981 he was commissioned by Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth to create the album cover for their first release as Tom Tom Club. It was so popular, they also asked him to create the video for their first single Genius of Love.

In 1996 Lufthansa commissioned him to decorate a jet with pastel stars, birds and travelers. In 2011, he created the BamBoo, an electric-powered concept car with an inflatable roof for automaker Rinspeed. Needless to say, Rizzi was loved around the world, especially in Germany, where a school in Duisburg was named for him.

He died in his sleep in the same studio he has been living and working in for decades.




EXPIRED: 11/04/09 – Antonio Pelle, 77, was better known as ‘Ntoni Gambazzaone’ but regardless of what you called him, one thing was true: he was one of Italy’s most powerful mafia leaders alive, having been on the list of Italy’s 30 most wanted criminals.

No longer.

Pelle was a senior leader of the Calabrian mafia, ‘Ndrangheta, in the area of San Luca on Italy’s southern tip. The ‘Ndrangheta has become one of the most powerful criminal organisations in Italy, with the expansion of its international drug trafficking activities in Europe and other parts of the world.

With such a big job come’s a lot of stress. And that can lay heavy on your heart. ‘Ntoni Gambazzaone’s heart was no different.

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