EXPIRED: 01/03/12  – Bob Weston, 64, got his big break when drummer Mick Fleetwood called him up and asked if he was available to replace Fleetwood Mac’s alcoholic and despised lead  guitarist Danny Kirwan. Weston knew just how big the job was going to be when Kirwan phoned him shortly thereafter and sarcastically said “Good Luck. You’re gonna need it.”

With Weston at the helm, Fleetwood Mac recorded the Penguin album in January 1973, followed by  Mystery to Me released the same year. Things were going great, but then while on tour Mick Fleetwood discovered that Weston had been having an affair with Mick Fleetwood’s wife, Jenny Boyd. Weston was fired and the tour was secretly cancelled. The rest of the band all went their separate ways to get away.

The band’s manager, afraid of losing profits, hastily put together a fake Fleetwood Mac to fulfill the booked tour dates.

Guitarist and lead singer Bob Welch was so disenchanted that he too left the band – making way for  Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to join – creating the line-up so beloved today.

Weston carried on as a solo artist and session musician in London, having played with Long John Baldry and Murray Head. In fact he was due to record with ex-Rolling Stone guitarist Mick Taylor this week. When he didn’t show up to the recording sessions, family went round to his flat and found he had died in his sleep.




EXPIRED: 12/28/11  – Danny DeGennaro, 56, also known as Danny Rio, seemed to have returned to his Bucks County, Pennsylvania, home only to confront a burglar.  He was shot and left for dead.

DeGennaro, who fronted the Philly-based Danny DeGennaro Band, is best known for being a guitarist and singer for Kingfish, a band that included former Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir among its early members. Although the two were never in the band at the same time, they certainly shared an audience and gave DeGennaro great networking opportunities he used throughout his career.

That career included performing with Bo Diddley, Billy Squier, Clarence Clemons and some of Philadelphia’s great blues artists including T.J. Tindall and Parliament Funkadelic’s Michael Hampton.

DeGennaro last played with Kingfish in 2010 on their Live and Kicking tour.



EXPIRED: 11/03/11 – Corey Smoot, 34, a.k.a. Flattus Maximus, joined the wildly costumed metal band, GWAR as guitarist Flattus Maximus in 2002, nearly 20 years after the band’s original formation in ’84. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Smoot was not the first Flattus Maximus, but he was the most influential, co-producing the band’s 2006 release “Beyond Hell” and its follow up “Lust In Space”, and was the longest serving member to portray the Flattus Maximus character in the band’s history.

He was discovered lifeless in his bunk on the band’s tour bus  as the six-piece prepared to cross the border into Canada. No cause of death has yet been identified, but the band will continue with Canadian dates.



EXPIRED: 09/22/11 – John Du Cann, 61, was always just on the brink of hitting the bigtime.  After quitting his first band, The Sonics, the guitarist joined London’s The Attack, which released “Hi Ho Silver Lining.” It was sure to be a hit, but then Jeff Beck released the same song a few days later and stole their thunder.

Du Cann then started a psychedelic, progressive, hard rock band called Andromeda but left to join Atomic Rooster, a band derivitive of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Even after drummer Carl Palmer quit to join Emerson, Lake & Palmer Atomic Rooster’s second album, Death Walks Behind You, saw a hit, “Tomorrow Night,” reach #11 in the UK Singles Chart, carrying an otherwise uncommercial album to #12. A followup, “Devils Answer” hit #4. Du Cann & his band got on Top of the Pops and had made it..

A third album, In Hearing of Atomic Rooster, brought in a new lead singer and a new, bluesy sound. Du Cann hated it and quit. His subsequent bands Daemon, and Hard Stuff, never were as popular as the Rooster.

After some fill in work for Thin Lizzy, Du Cann wrote music for ads and jingles in England, and had, in 1979, a minor hit with Gary Numan’s “Don’t Be A Dummy,” used in a jeans TV ad. It reached only #33.

Pissed off by so much unofficial, poorly-mastered and badly-packaged Rooster compilations, for which he received no royalties, Du Cann started reissuing his own remastered Atomic Rooster compilations in the late 90s. Finally he was getting some bank for all his work nearly 30 years before.



EXPIRED – 07/25/10: Michael Reaves, 52, played guitar for Full Devil Jacket, a band that started as the Voodoo Hippies, based out of a tattoo shop in Jackson, Tennessee. After their self-titled LP went gold in 2000 they toured w/ Creed, Nickelback, Type O Negative, Slipknot, Slayer and Metallica. But while the lead singer was overdosing, Reaves quit to join the band Travisty before becoming guitarist for 3 Legged Dog. Prostate cancer did him in.



EXPIRED: 07/24/11 – Dan Peek, 60, formed America, the band, in 1970 and wrote four of their Top 100 hits including “Lonely People,” “Woman Tonight,” and “Today’s The Day.” But he partied too hard and left in ’77 to become a Christian singer. His solo album, All Things Are Possible, proved otherwise — at least as far as hitmaking was concerned.



EXPIRED: 07/07/11 – Manuel Galban, 80, was a guitarist who made his musical debut in 1944 and 20 years later joined Los Zafiros, who played a mix of bolero, calypso and rock. In the 90’s he became part of the Buena Vista Social Club, a group of elderly & retired Cuban musicians brought together by Ry Cooder.