Why Obits? M.J.!

Dear curious readers,

Why are you here? Why am I?

The reason I started this blog about the recently departed is not as morbid or as complex as you might think.

I’m a media junkie. And I was a bit taken aback by all the media attention Michael Jackson received when he passed away. Sure he was a big star, but Farrah Fawcett died that day too and it seemed like she was but a blip in everyone’s memory once the CNN started salivating over the King of Pop’s still-warm cadaver.

Amongst the crowing talking heads, talkmiester Larry King brought up that people were already forgetting about Farrah. This was on the day they had BOTH died. And one of the other commentators said, “Yeah, Farrah may she rest in peace. So Larry do you think the Moonwalk will go down in history as something of signifigance?”

I was shocked. I mean, I was no big Farrah fan or anything, but the lady suffered from anal cancer for Christ’s sake. And this non-entitity who was obviously just trying to get some controversial airtime shrugged her off to talk about the Moonwalk?

I started thinking about the other people who’s stories wouldn’t be told because they were deemed less important than Michael, less important than Farrah, less important than whatever was deemed more important on that day.

  • Maybe Katie Couric wanted to go skydiving. No room for a tribute to the guy who invented the artificial heart who just died of a heart attack.
  • Maybe your local newspaper is cutting back on staff. No-one to write about the local butcher who knew everyone by name but died of malnutrition.

Who are the people who have touched us, for better or worse, and will slip into the unknown without even a passing glance? Well some of them will get at least some passing recognition, at uRdead2me.

We won’t report on everyone.

And it won’t be everyone famous.

It’s just some folks that you may or may not have heard about.

Keep Digging.


8 responses to “Why Obits? M.J.!

  1. What an inspiring idea; the though that the ;;forgotten;; will be remembered – well done my friend…

  2. I read these obits, and my local obits (although I don’t know anyone in them) because I hope that one day someone will find my life interesting enough to do a brief scan of the obits about me. Our local obits are so wonderfully written, they tell a small tale about the persons life. It is a nice blessing for the families and friends.

  3. Well stated. I agree especially about your comments on Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett. She deserved much more attention than she got. She was even snubbed by the Academy. A crying shame.

    Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate the comments. Have a super day.

  4. Let the record show that if Michael could speak, he would WANT attention to be paid to Farrah, especially since they both traveled in the same circles, knew some of the same people (like former Motown exec/producer Suzanne De Passe) & had 1 common dominator: Tatum O’Neil. Although Farrah never legally married Tatum’s father, Ryan, Farrah was (sort of) Tatum’s stepmother, while Michael was 1 of her 1st boyfriends. After I processed the news I sort of felt sorry for her. She lost her stepmom & her ex-boyfriend on the same day. How sad. Everything IS relative.

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