EXPIRED: 08/27/09 – David Laut, 52. Knowing that some Olympians have short shelf lives, David took his medals home, married his high school sweetheart & taught in his community. It was in the safety of his home that he was shot dead.

Bronze medalist for U.S. in the 1984 Olympics, Laut met his unfortunate death at the hands of two burglars who confronted him outside his California home in California.

His wife had heard her husband encountering the intruders and saying, “What the hell are you doing here?” following which she heard the gunshots.

Police had not made any arrests and had no suspects.

The shot-putter had been expected to win the gold at the 1984 Olympics, after faring a 70 feet 10 inches throw at the event. In 1985 he as ranked the 7th best shot-putter on the international platform,and the No.1 American. The following year he accidentally ended up tearing tendons in both legs after performing at an agility test. In 1988, he tried to get back at his position and failed to do so throwing only 66 feet and 8 3/4 inches at the Olympics.

He settled back home, north of Los Angeles, and taught in the local schools he grew up in, keeping a low profile. He was a local boy who did well and came back to share his talents with the community.

Neighbors said said, “I never knew he was a medalist until someone told me.”



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